We love to make our clients happy by offering services you need to care for you hair. Take a look our list of services below.

Natural Styles

Loc Services

Starter Locs (Straight Hair Texture) $65 per hour (Adults)
Starter Locs (Straight Hair Texture) $50 per hour (Children)
Starter Braid Locs $95 and up
Interlocking $85 and up
SisterLocks (Introductory Rate) $500 per 4 inches, 25 per inch after


Ask for Pricing

InstaLocs is a service provided at the salon for those who wish to have Locs the same day. The Locs are hand made and custom colored. Time frame varies on size locs. *Insta twist bundles are available

Natural Services

Loc Grooming $25 and up
Loc Repair $10 and up
Silk Press $65 and up
Trim $15 and up
Cuts $35 and up
Hair Wrapping Ask for pricing
Hair Jewels $1 and up
Shampoo $15 and up
Deep Conditioning $25 and up


Natural Twist Services

Roller Set $65 and up
Coils $65 and up
Twist Out $65 and up
Coil Set $65 and up
Braid Style $65 and up
Flat Twist $65 and up
Braid Out
$65 and up
Flat Twist Out
$65 and up
Natural Twist
$65 and up



Twist Extension Services

Flat Twist Extension Style $85 and up
Senegalese Twist $165 and up
Micro Twist $185 and up
Kinky Twist $125 and up
Havana Twist $125 and up
Twist Out Extension Set $165 and up


Full Sew-In Weave $65 and up
Lace Wig Application $65 and up
Sew-In Extensions per Track (Row) $65 and up
Clip-Ins $65 and up
Fusions $65 and up
MicroBeads $65 and up
Hair Wrapping
$65 and up
Custom Wigs $65 and up
Cranial Prosthesis units $65 and up
Top Piece



Hair Loss Services

Trichology is the study of Hair and Scalp disease.

The role of a Trichologist is to provide an in-depth digital microscopic analysis of the hair and scalp, focusing on the diseases and problems of the hair like baldness, hair breakage, itchy/flaky scalp , as well as their treatments. Treatments can include: Hair detoxification, Low light laser therapy, Stress therapy, and provide a Nutritional guide customize just for your needs. This service will be available in the near future BUT nutritional guides are available now!

Hair Loss Services

Scalp Treatments $25 and up
Non Surgical Hair Replacements Ask for pricing
Trichotillomania Ask for pricing
Toupee’s Ask for pricing
Loc Cranial Prosthesis Ask for pricing
Hair Pieces Ask for pricing

*Consultations are required for first time clients

*Prices subject to change due to density and length of hair

*Hair available at the salon

*Deposit required for all stylist $100 or more